Dec. 24th, 2010

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Visiting Grandma for the holidays. In the last hour she's taken on "those lazy people on government handouts" (I wonder if she objects to her Medicaid?), immigrants who "refuse to learn English like the rest of us had to" (perhaps she would enjoy learning Vietnamese? Tagalog?), and how she knows that "Jews don't celebrate Christmas, but if they wanted to be nice, they would pretend" (Um. Um. Um.).

Also, Dad threw out his back making stuffing, so he's hardcore drugged up on some muscle relaxants that, in retrospect, aren't supposed to be combined. So with all that in mind...Happy Holidays!

> Salon cheerfully takes on the biggest fabricated scandals of 2010.

> Joe Biden says that gay marriage is inevitable. Are we taking bets on how long it'll be before Fox News decides he means that everyone has to get one?

> Barney Frank has a "radical homosexual agenda." Awesome! So do I! We can be friends!

> The EPA is going on the offensive: "The EPA's new plan will establish standards specifically for fossil fuel power plants and petroleum refineries, both of which combine to represent roughly 40 percent of GHG pollution in the United States."

> Science writer Simon Signh celebrates the birth of the universe at Christmas by listening to an untuned radio. If I didn't think Grandma would burn me at the stake, I'd try this.

> Apparently Hungary has passed a draconian (and poorly-written) law with serious implications for freedom of speech. I'm not seeing this anywhere else, though, so I don't know who much of a Thing it is yet. (via Reddit)
 (ETA: yep, it's a thing)

> "You'd Better Watch Out...: Santa Claus Takes Down Mafia Suspect in Sicily"

> Spiegel has a gallery of Christmas photos up. They're quite lovely.

> Wonkette is pissy about the TSA's new regulations regarding insulated beverage containers.

> Over at Tiger Beatdown, Sady Doyle kicks ass and takes names. I hope I can see that episode of TRMS soon (I am so, so behind on that show ).

> On Autostraddle: "Lessons Learned: How a Jewy Lesbian Can Enjoy a Pleasant Chanukah with Her Uncharacteristically Bigoted Parents" (Dad: Let’s light the candles. / Me: Let’s light your face.) and "DeAnne Smith and The Powerful Surprise Absurdity of the Suddenly Topless" ("Every once in a while, something happens that forces me to realize that I am not kick-ass. Oftentimes, this feeling results from a ten-minute struggle with a stubborn jar of gherkins. Sometimes, the feeling coincides with the release of an Ellen Page movie. Most recently, it came from finding a spider in my cereal bowl.")

Aaaand I'm out. Good luck to everyone contending with family over the holidays.


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