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Or, why I shouldn't be allowed to be simultaneously bored, slightly anxious, and achy, because I become terribly nonproductive and wind up watching asinine videos of kittens on youtube. I don't even particularly like cats. ANYWAY.

I have quite a long list of Sherlock fics I've bookmarked; this fandom has generated an overwhelming amount of phenomenal content, especially given the youth of the fandom and the paucity of material (seriously. Three episodes). This crossover is simply beautiful in conception and execution; something about Sherlock (and Sherlock) seems to lend itself peculiarly well to crossovers and AUs.

"Just Human" by waffles, rated somewhere G-ish.

He is found within minutes. They knew he was coming, although they hardly guessed at the manner and the method. They were warned. Within seconds of his birth, they are searching the city for him, dozens of their people tracking through the first few frost-spun minutes of the new millennium, searching for the signal, the fallen star.

It's quite glorious.


And now for something completely different! Via GFY: Josh Groban advertises his new CD, 752 covers of Kanye West's tweets. Truly this is a wondrous thing.

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I don't remember precisely how I found it, but this will, forever and for always, be one of my favorite TXF fics of all time. It's one of the fics that was on the bookmarks my Dad sent - as with Dance Card et al., the original link was dead, but I remembered liking it enough to hunt it down over at Gossamer. And without further ado, I bring you:

"Mr. & Mrs. Smith and the Ruby-throated Warbler" by rah. Beautiful and hazy, with just a hint of creeping dread the so characterized the show and a whole lot of really nice house!porn. The opening paragraph:

The house is on a quiet square in the old part of town.  Like several of the other proud houses on the street, it is surrounded by an ornate wrought iron fence, and shaded by live oaks and wide-branching magnolias that make an awful mess of the sidewalk in the springtime.  The neighborhood is genteel and, because this particular square hasn't become fashionable yet, very private.  They have been here three weeks.

Please. Like you don't want to go read it right now.

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I'm not even finished with what's been posted of [personal profile] seperis's brilliant WIP This is History, but this paragraph from part two is one of the best things I have read in my life ever:

Sherlock's boredom is a dangerous thing, John knows from experience; a man who would stand in the path of lightning if it proved interesting enough to warrant his attention doesn't do well when left at loose ends. John's grown to understand it, even appreciate what it means to Sherlock to be without work; Sherlock's mind at rest is running twice that of any normal person, and occupation cannot be easy for anyone who spent a single afternoon learning the entirety of grade school astronomy and an evening with university textbooks and physics journals scattered through the flat like breadcrumbs leading to a truly terrifying days of quoting energy-mass conversions over breakfast and dipping into the vastness of stellar phenomenon before tea. They had reached dark matter theory by the time John heartily regrets the birth of Gallileo and begins to empathize with papal wrath if this is the type of thing Christ's representative on earth thought passed for light chat during meals.

Go. Read. Shoo. It is brilliant.
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I keep forgetting to do these.

So yesterday my dad sent me a list of my bookmarked links from my old desktop; I haven't used that machine for probably two years, and so it was a bit of a treasure hunt, working through the links and finding what was dead and what was still alive and what fics made me feel joyfully like I was back in high school again and relentlessly spamming [personal profile] georginasand until I managed to drag her into xf fandom.

The links I had for Sabine's fics were dead, but I was avoiding French homework so I looked her up on Gossamer and lo and behold, found her stuff archived! And there was much rejoicing.


Part I: Dance Card. Rated R for imagery and innuendo, "Dance Card" presents a version of Scully (and, to some extent, Mulder) we didn't see on the show but makes perfect sense nonetheless. Also, the original characters are beautiful and funny and so very, very real.
Part 2: The aptly-titled What Happened After That. Rated NC-17 for, uh, more imagery and innuendo.
Part 3: Moonshine. Rated R. Smoke, and the clearing of it. And the Enterprise references are made of win. (Do kids still say 'made of win'? Fuck it. This kid does.)

With Sabine, the devil is in the details, in the little moments and liminalities that make a world tangible. This world is very, very tangible.

ETA: Also, on the reread, I totally just figured out that Moonshine is basically Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf in a blender with The X-Files and a dash of bitters lesbian.

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