Dec. 1st, 2010 12:29 am
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Thoughts over the last 24 hours while writing a term paper on the Third Wave for my feminist theory class:

1. It turns out that outlining is vastly more enjoyable when you include things like "and here is a discussion of Jessica Valenti's chapter on men and feminism WHICH SEGUES BRILLIANTLY into a section on the positive and negative implications of female-dominated spaces, EFFORTLESSLY MOVING THROUGH A TRIPLE TOE LOOP on Mother Courage."

2. Best line so far: "At the time of The Beauty Myth's original publication, the Third Wave was nascent at best; given the 1990 publication date, Wolf and Rebecca Walker were apparently thinking thinky thoughts concurrently. This is awesome and there should be fanfiction, especially if they make out."


2a. Sweet puppies, I think wanting femslash about third-wave feminists is probably a cardinal sin of some kind. I fear bell hooks will take my 'certified feminist' card away in my sleep.
3. Can I use the phrase 'sufficiently fuckable' in my discussion of The Beauty Myth? Please? (ie, "Naomi Wolf is more forgiving. She allows for the secret world created by the beauty myth, where women compete against each other for the dubious prize of being found sufficiently fuckable.")


Nov. 1st, 2010 06:25 pm
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The fibro is flaring, my spine is apparently telescoping, something was off about that pizza at dinner and I sit down to read the following. It continues in this vein for 150 pages:

Wittig suggests that a culturally specific epistemic a priori establishes the naturalness of "sex." But by what enigmatic means has "the body" been accepted as prima facie given that admits of no genealogy? Even within Foucault's essay on the very theme of genealogy, the body is figured as a surface and the scene of a cultural transcription... This corporeal destruction is necessary to produce the speaking subject and its significations. This is a body, described through a "single drama" of domination, inscription, and creation (150). This is not the modus vivendi of one kind of history rather than another, but is, for Foucault, "history" (148) in its essential and repressive gesture...


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I have a links roundup compiled in a notepad document but I don't know if I'll have time to format and post it tonight - so here's this.

> Via Autostraddle: "PLEASE STOP: Zach Harrington, Gay, Suicide at 19." I tried to resist the urge to blockquote but then gave up.

...The people doing and saying these things, whether they’re politicians or just active citizens, are adults with brains and hearts, and they understand that 1 in 10 people are gay and that there are 700 people in this City Hall meeting. At a certain point – especially the point after, what is it now, eight or ten suicides of people under the age of 25? – you know that you’re hurting people, and you do it anyways.

You hurt people when you say “fag” in a classroom, or when you let someone get away with saying “fag” in a classroom, or when you vote yes on Prop 8 or no on anti-bullying initiatives or when you tell your little cousin that maybe he shouldn’t tell people he wants to be a figure skater when he grows up. That is personal. That hurts people, and sometimes makes them feel like they should hurt themselves. Zach Harrington is dead, and there’s nothing we can do about that. But we can use this as an opportunity to remind people that they’re accountable for what they do and what they say; we’re all accountable to each other, and for taking care of each other. Jesus Christ, people. What are you doing?

Jesus Christ, people. What are you doing?

Oh, lordy

Sep. 17th, 2010 08:55 am
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Just sat through a French class where we had to describe a well-known woman using a list of adjectives. One boy described a woman who was elderly, blonde, mean, stupid, and ambitious.

Turned out he meant Hillary Clinton.

Mind you, he also thought he was still in Congress, so...

On the other hand, someone else described a character from Jersey Shore, and thusly I decree that the question "C'est Snookie?" should be used far more often in everyday conversation.


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