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Or, why I shouldn't be allowed to be simultaneously bored, slightly anxious, and achy, because I become terribly nonproductive and wind up watching asinine videos of kittens on youtube. I don't even particularly like cats. ANYWAY.

I have quite a long list of Sherlock fics I've bookmarked; this fandom has generated an overwhelming amount of phenomenal content, especially given the youth of the fandom and the paucity of material (seriously. Three episodes). This crossover is simply beautiful in conception and execution; something about Sherlock (and Sherlock) seems to lend itself peculiarly well to crossovers and AUs.

"Just Human" by waffles, rated somewhere G-ish.

He is found within minutes. They knew he was coming, although they hardly guessed at the manner and the method. They were warned. Within seconds of his birth, they are searching the city for him, dozens of their people tracking through the first few frost-spun minutes of the new millennium, searching for the signal, the fallen star.

It's quite glorious.


And now for something completely different! Via GFY: Josh Groban advertises his new CD, 752 covers of Kanye West's tweets. Truly this is a wondrous thing.

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I don't remember precisely how I found it, but this will, forever and for always, be one of my favorite TXF fics of all time. It's one of the fics that was on the bookmarks my Dad sent - as with Dance Card et al., the original link was dead, but I remembered liking it enough to hunt it down over at Gossamer. And without further ado, I bring you:

"Mr. & Mrs. Smith and the Ruby-throated Warbler" by rah. Beautiful and hazy, with just a hint of creeping dread the so characterized the show and a whole lot of really nice house!porn. The opening paragraph:

The house is on a quiet square in the old part of town.  Like several of the other proud houses on the street, it is surrounded by an ornate wrought iron fence, and shaded by live oaks and wide-branching magnolias that make an awful mess of the sidewalk in the springtime.  The neighborhood is genteel and, because this particular square hasn't become fashionable yet, very private.  They have been here three weeks.

Please. Like you don't want to go read it right now.


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