Jan. 7th, 2011

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Seriously! There's, like, people I have to deal with outside of classroom hours and responsibilities and weird shit. ANYWAY.

1. "Girls get a lot of mixed messages—they are told, ‘Girl Power!’ and what does that mean? It means you wear a T-shirt that says, ‘Girl Power!’ but you call each other bitches. You make fun of a girl for being a virgin and you make fun of a girl for having sex. There’s no right place to be." - Tina Fey

2. For reasons I myself do not fully understand, I want to see Tron. It just looks so pretty! Also, Olivia Wilde (see: pretty!).

3. Also, Black Swan.

4. And The King's Speech.

5. Goddamn, self, you were supposed to get all of this done BEFORE the semester started.

6. I purchased the last of my textbooks today. I feel incredibly broke. Also, I bought a friend's (she's paying me back) (or else). SO LITTLE MONEY IN MY ACCOUNT.

7. Oh, and that paper I was going to write over semester? Did that happen? No, it did not!

8. Also, I am apparently allergic to latex! ow ow ow ow )

9. Back to school on Saturday. Nooooooooo. SAVE ME, HAN SOLO!

10. Have cleaned out my room in preparation of an exchange student moving in next week. Where does all that shit come from? I don't even live in it anymore! I think it multiplies when I'm not looking.


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