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Hey, so finals are over, and I incomprehensibly pulled off an A in my Enlightenment class and an A on my fem theory paper and I'm home, which means that I have ready access to alcohol and the time/energy to get properly pissy about the news again*. Life is good.

(* I feel more like an unholy cross between Toby Ziegler and Spider Jerusalem every day)

> DADT repealed, which you all know (all...three of you?), so I'm not bothering linking to anything, but it's still not safe for gay and lesbian servicemembers to come out. Also, the DREAM Act failed, to which I can only say: FUCK YOU, JOHN MCCAIN. Joe Klein says what I am thinking but more eloquently here. Wonkette is snippy here, and takes another (if unrelated to DADT) swipe at him here. It's very satisfying. Man, remember how I said I wasn't going to link to anything? Oops. (Also, Maddowblog celebrates DADT repeal here.)

> The Guardian has leaked details of the rape charges against Assange here; the ever-eloquent [ profile] rm responds here. Meanwhile, Sady Doyle is not fucking backing down. All of these are excellent articles and analysis and they make me want to go away and cry because we as a society apparently aren't capable of handling the complexity of a world where a whistleblowing journalist can also be a rapist. We want our heroes intact, so the pesky rape victims need to be disappeared; and because I have so many friends whose stories were basically The Guardian article. This is not new; he's just a celebrity. All three articles may be triggering; your mileage may vary (also: FUCK YOU, MICHAEL MOORE. FUCK YOU, KEITH OLBERMANN. I expect better from...well, the latter of you).

> On The Atlantic's homepage, this editorial was titled "End of the Gay Rights Movement?" Which: Seriously? Seriously? Don't throw out your rainbow flags. This shit is not over yet. (Also, apparently a NOM-affiliated organization (lone person?) wants to reclaim the rainbow? Not even going there). Although the article (which is not about whether the gay rights movement is over, stfu editors) has a beautiful line: "But we should also note that what won in the end was facts and testimony and truth." Once you remove the crazy rhetoric and fear mongering and hate, there is no reason why DADT should not have been repealed. Hell, it shouldn't have existed in the first place. It took us seventeen years to get here. But we got here. And it's not even close to the end of the road.

> The lives of asylum seekers in Birmingham.

> Istanbul's Grand Bazaar is getting a facelift. I have mixed emotions about this - obviously work does need to be done, but I worry that too much work will wreck the Bazaar's character, which is like a rabbit warren in a fairytale, a covered city within a city; I've been there over a dozen times and was only able to find my way around confidently the last few. I dunno, part of the charm is that you feel like the whole thing could come down on you at any moment. Which I understand is probably a little...disconcerting.

> Post-election rioting in Belarus: estimated 10,000 in the streets protesting election results. Incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko has been president for 16 years; in an article well worth reading, Foreign Policy calls him "Europe's last dictator." (Seriously, the FP article is tremendously interesting. Also, there is totally a paper to be written on protest theater in the former Soviet bloc.) (True story: I almost wrote a term paper in high school on this exact topic, but chickened out and wrote a truly terrible paper on Angels in America instead. One of my great regrets. Hell, I could still write it...)

> Ostensibly this is about a potential visa-free zone in Antakya, but mostly it's about Turkey and Syria trying to deal with the fact that Wikileaks has them both looking a little foolish. Yay diplomatic backpedaling!

> What the fuck is with this "Repeal Amendment" business? Is this a thing? I don't want it to be thing. I don't even want to start looking around to see if it's a thing. My blood pressure can't handle that. Also, isn't this shit supposed to be squashed in, like, eighth grade civics classes? Jesus.

> Autostraddle wants you to get drunk over Christmas. So do I. All the options look intriguing, although the Nightly Standard (ctrl+f inside the article) is my old personal faithful.


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